Topical issues

EuroHOPE - Final Seminar at Karolinska Insitutet

Stockholm, Sweden on 8th of April
Follow live broadcast from the seminar

Program [pdf]


Summary of the findings of the EuroHOPE project [pdf]
     - The EuroHOPE study group

EuroHOPE - Taking health care performance measurement
to the next level
     - Timo Seppälä | THL

Hospital-level differences - Quality, uses of resources,
and their interrelationship on patient-group level
     - Unto Häkkinen | THL

Comparing use of resources between districts and countries [pdf]
     - Tor Iversen | University of Oslo

What should the EuroHOPE project communicate
to policy-makers?
     - Eva Orosz | Eötvös Loránd University

Synthesis of the main findings [pdf]

Country level differences - Are they related to
health care systems?
     - Clas Rehnberg | KI - Sverige

Regional level differences - How much do regional level factors
explain performance variation?
     - Mikko Peltola | THL

Costs and quality at the hospital level in the Nordic countries [pdf]
     - Sverre A.C. Kittelsen | Frisch Centre

Miten Suomi pärjää? - Suomen terveydenhuolto puntarissa.

CHESS-SEMINAARI 4.12.2012, Lintulahdenkuja 4, Helsinki (auditorio)

Ohjelma [pdf]

Miksi mitata suoriutumiskykyä? [pdf]
     - Timo Seppälä | THL - CHESS

Suomen terveydenhuollon suoriutumiskyky vertailussa [pdf]
     - Unto Häkkinen | THL - CHESS

FI-NO AMI comparison: why is survival better in Norway? [pdf]
     - Terje P. Hagen | Institute of health and Society, University of Oslo, Norway

Sairaaloiden tuottavuus Pohjoismaissa [pdf]
     - Hanna Rättö | THL - CHESS

Towards Uniform Health Care Performance Measuremen

Tuesday, 25th September at 14:00 - 17:00 hours

Finland's Permanent Representation to the European Union
Rue de Trèves 100, Brussels, Belgium

The programme [pdf]

Having a heart attack is safer in Sweden or Norway
    than in Finland
     - EuroHOPE | Web release 25th September 2012

Policy Brief presentations

Why measure health care performance? Introduction to EuroHOPE [pdf]
     - Unto Häkkinen | National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

A framework for health system comparison of efficiency and... [pdf]
     - Clas Rehnberg | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

In the heart of AMI - Comparing differences in Europe [pdf]
     - Eva Belicza | Semmelweis University, Hungary

Are stroke patients equally treated in Europe? [pdf]
     - Antti Malmivaara | National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

Hip fracture in Europe - are slippery regions different [pdf]
     - Emma Medin | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Low-birth-weight infants - Does it matter where you give birth? [pdf]
     - Giovanni Fattore | Bocconi University, Italy

Costs and quality in Nordic hospitals [pdf]
     - Sverre A.C. Kittelsen | Frisch Centre, Norway

[May. 4th 2014]